What? A Successful Company With a 4-Day Work Week?

The traditional work place as we have known it is going the way of the dinosaurs. Here is one more example of a visionary CEO who is helping bring balance back into the workplace, all while maintaining profitability.

CEO Ryan Carson works a four-day work week. Here’s how.

Ryan Carson runs Treehouse, a high-tech start-up in Portland, Ore. on a four-day work week – not four 10-hour days, like the federal government and other workplaces, but 32 hours, period.

Carson is not your typical scenario of the haggard, high-tech start-up CEO who sleeps under the desk – as Bill Gates sometimes famously did – rather than a waste a single minute not working.

Read up and ponder the possibilities. Rules are for fools. Those who are brave enough to challenge the status quo will be the winners in the end. Hats off Ryan Carson.

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