Should I Stay or Should I Go? Join FREE CAREER TALK Now

lack of appreciation is your heart dyingMany professionals get trapped in a role that we are not happy in, using every reason we can come up with to justify staying in an environment that is absolutely unhealthy for us. The worst thing we can do to our mental, emotional and spiritual selves – is to stay somewhere we are unhappy, unfulfilled or unappreciated.

Sometimes we are able to continue on by numbing ourselves at the end of the day or escaping into something that completely takes our mind away from our dissatisfaction. Other times we may focus on any small glimmer of happiness that we can find or create with co-workers.

I am launching ‘CAREER TALK‘ to create a safe container for authentic ANONYMOUS conversations about difficult topics related to work and life. Please CLICK the CAREER TALK link to be invited to the special anonymous introductory call of getting real with work and its challenges.

The most important gift you can give yourself is honesty, openness and willingness to acknowledge what is truly happening in your life. As humans, we gravitate toward pleasure and away from pain. However; once the pain of the situation becomes great enough, we naturally will look for things to alleviate the pain and move us toward temporary pleasure.

Join the conversation and gain clarity on your ‘right’ next step.