Benefits Millennial Employees Value Most

millennial employeesYou may be surprised at the benefits millennial employees value most. I am fortunate to have had the privilege of leading multiple teams of Millennial employees. From personal experience, I have found and believe that the values and desires of this new generation are what we need most in the world. So which work benefits do Millennial employees value most?

After hearing the stereotypical words used to describe this new generation who are soon going to make up the majority of the workforce, I astutely reframed the judgments and misperceptions of the new millennial, to what they truly mean to humans, humanity and the world. The benefits Millennial employees value most are not likely what you would have guessed.

Many phrases have been coined in an effort to generalize or define this new wave of energy that has recently become a significant percentage of the workforce. I heard ‘entitled’ and I reframed that to ‘they know their worth.’ I heard ‘lazy or don’t want to work hard’ and reframed it to ‘work/life balance.’ I heard ‘rebellious’ or ‘non-conformist’ and I saw ‘individuality’ and ‘creativity.’

Almost any stereotypical or judgmental phrase that has been used to describe this new generation in the workplace, can be spun around to the positive attribute and value that their authenticity brings. When you look at the condition of the world and the state of human and worldly crisis we are in, the old way of doing things is imploding around us.

A perfect example of the misconception of the millennial mindset can be seen in a recent study “Which Working Benefits Do Millennials Value Most?”, a global study of over 4,364 graduates across 75 countries completed by KPCB. Given the ‘perception’ one could surmise many things at the top of the list of what they value most. But guess what was at the top of the list – Training and Development, and flexible working hours fell four percentage points below that.

If you are a millennial – stay true to yourself, your ideals and values; because the rest of the world will eventually catch up to you. If you are a leader in this new economy, there are proven steps that you can take to engage and harness this wonderful talent that is among us. Take the right steps to assess your current mode of operandi, culture, employee composition, personal and employee motivations. With possibly some minor adjustments, you have the power to make your organization, yourself, this new generation, and the world a happier and more successful experience for us all.

LuRae Lumpkin, Founder of, is a leader in organizational performance and leadership dynamics. She is an expert at helping organizations understand, improve, and leverage cross-generational workplace dynamics.  This improves morale, employee engagement, and employee retention – which ultimately leads to happier clients, customers, and a healthier bottom line.