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Are You Prepared to Adapt or Ready to Lose?

Just like the iPhone crushed the Palm Pilot (many reading this may not even know what I’m talking about – Palm Pilot??), Millennials are going to force a reinvention of work as we know it. They ARE the majority at…
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Insights Into the Millennial Employee Mentality

Insights Into the Millennial Employee Mentality If you have challenges understanding the millennial employee mentality, you likely have a millennial employee retention problem. Do you feel like you have a revolving door of employees coming and going. It can be a…
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Millennials to Boomers – Four Key Leadership Questions to Consider

From millennials to boomers, understanding generational influences and characteristics that have been researched and reported by various authors can help you to understand their differences. Research findings explain why employees may not be connecting in the workplace. It amazes me…
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